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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Doris Normand reviewed NEXTStep Martial Arts
via Facebook

I wish there were more stars. there just aren't enough stars to review the quality of people, instruction, students and classes at Next Step Martial Arts. I began my journey about 2 1/2 years ago when I came into the studio, sat on the mat with Master Jay and discussed the reasons I wanted to take taekwondo . I have met and surpassed every single one of them! I'm probably one of the oldest if not the oldest students there , but I can tell you I feel better now that I have felt in my 20s 30s 40s 50s and on. It's been a rigorous journey for me but I was willing to do the work. Master Jay and all the instructors are just an incredible group of individuals . And I feel my success has really been , as the name Next Step Martial Arts implies, one step at a time . All the classes are different, and I learn something from each one of them . I have never looked back, have no regrets, and I'm sure I never well !

Mike Bryson reviewed NEXTStep Martial Arts
via Facebook

Next step is simply the best. They have been so wonderful to my 5 year old daughter. Master Jay and staff have such a great way with all kids.

They have also been wonderful to me. I began the kickboxing class a few weeks ago and already notice a difference in strength and flexibility. What a fun and challenging workout (Mr. Matthew is awesome!)

Amber Marie reviewed NEXTStep Martial Arts
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My daughter, Kenzie, has just signed up for camp this year. She is five years old. From the moment you walk in the door you are met with smiling, friendly, and respectful staff. I am proud to say that my "shy in front of others" child is blossoming in this well rounded environment. She asks to go back day after day. I have also seen her manners and respect towards others improve too. Thank you for helping her become more well rounded.

Rachel Croft Myers reviewed NEXTStep Martial Arts
via Facebook

Perseverance, dedication, and respect are all words that characterize Next Step! Not only does the staff at Next Step possess these qualities, they instill them in their students through engaging activities and self-defense techniques. Master Jay has devoted his life to his passion of teaching Tae Kwon Do! His perseverance to follow his dream and his dedication to his students are beyond what you will find anywhere else! My daughter has finally become old enough to attend summer camp, and within the first week, she was coming home and explaining to her father and me about a concept of respect that she was taught! She thoroughly enjoys her time at Nextstep, and I am pleased because she is learning about qualities that we just don't see in everyday society anymore! I know that we will continue to see her skills transform and her respect towards others increase! These are life skills that all kids should be taught! Thank you, Master Jay and staff!

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Our latest news & thoughts

Tax Season – Save or Invest?

NO, I am not an accountant or a financial planner lol… But I am here to give you an audit!


But before I go over the Audit with you I thought I would share this story that one mom shared after trying out the 5 Step Family Growth Audit (FGA).

This dedicated mom said, “One thing that my son has taught me in 2017 was that I must invest in his experiences as he grows, but I need to also invest in myself, to lead by example.”

Pretty cool right? And this is something we hear from many of the parents that take advantage of this easy 5 step Growth Audit. And I know it will work for you, Plus It’s Fast Easy and Fun!

Start with these 5 steps, but that’s just the beginning!

  1. GROWTH MINDSET… Grow your Mind and desire to learn thru Reading… go over some of the favorite reads over the past year or so. Let your kids know how important it is to read for your personal investment.
    a.Don’t Stop there! Take it a step further… Share your interests insights and anything from the books you have read to build a bond and share any lessons that we learn.
  2. TOUGH MINDSET… Pushing ourselves to the limit and beyond physically.  What physical challenges did you face this past year?  What accomplishments and lessons did you gain from being apart of a physical exercise or sport? If not a physical challenge, name something that was difficult to do, and what lesson was gained from it.
  3. Being a GIVER…. What and when was the last thing you did or gave to someone that needed it… a fundraiser? Made something or did something to make someone feel special.
    a. After you share, think of new things to do together to give or pay it forward. Continue to build that bond
  4. ACTION TAKER…. Share Moments in time where you chose to make the right choice. Where instead of delay and procrastination, you took action.  And how taking action builds a sense of accomplishment.  Recognize these moments and how taking action and being decisive gets you faster to the goal, even when you don’t make the best choices, but learn from them.
  5. CREATOR… One idea, work of art, or creation that you have had or made recently

And feel free to add other great ways to share experiences and life lessons… But start with these 5 and make it a habit to review every other month or twice a year.  Build a habit to share in experiences and reinforce basic mindset principles for success.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you are putting this into Action!

Master Jay

P.S. Imagine having yourself or your kids work with a success coach every week?  Building confidence thru action and accomplishment, coaching thru emotional, mental and physical challenges.  Keep a lookout for a Big Special that starts tomorrow!

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