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  • Two Private Lessons (Value = $99)
  •  Student Uniform ($55)
  •  20 Days of Martial Arts Training ($110)
  •  BONUS: Parenting E-Books ($97)
  •  BONUS: Digital Dojang Access ($97)
  •  BONUS: Mr. Chuck's Anti-Bully Training ($97)

Total Value: $555
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As a mom of 2 kiddos in Martial Arts I LOVE that they offer something for me as well. I've been taking kickboxing for 7 months now and I have never felt more fit! The class is so fun, and the instructors are amazing! I cant recommend it enough!

- Heather B.
The ability is no longer in my body but still in my mind Ever since I started martial arts it has been one of my biggest passions. I would go in every single day and do multiple classes a night. When I did summer camp when I was about 14, I was there for 13 hours straight and never skip a beat. To this day I still believe that it was the best time of my life. When I started to work there, it took me a little while to catch on but a still loved it just as much. When I started to get sick, I kept pushing through classes but I would be very ill afterwards and would have to recover for days. It made me incredibly frustrated when had to start cancelling my classes or having someone take my shift for the night. But nonetheless, I knew I had to do it for my own sake. When my body started to deteriorate, a terrible thought crossed my mind. Was I ever going to be able to go back to doing martial arts? I spent so much time trying to rehabilitate myself but it was always leveled out with a long period of sickness. I was so angry with myself because I couldn’t kick anymore. I couldn’t even stand on one leg for more than a few seconds.

I hated my body because I had lost so many years of hard work and dedication. I didn’t even want to show my face in the studio because I thought I would be an embarrassment to my co-workers, myself, the students, and anyone who saw me. It took me many many months to realize that I don’t need the ability to kick at 180 degrees or do thousands of punches to consider myself a talented martial artist. Even though the ability might not be in my body anymore (or at least for the time being), it is still very much in my mind. My knowledge of martial arts is just as important as the physical aspect of training. It took me a very long time to figure that out for myself, but I could not be more grateful that I finally did. Because of the mental training that I went through with the help of my instructors, I can still consider myself a martial artist, despite what my body is capable of.

- Bella W.

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